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Testimonials / Transformations

Kevin Griffiths
I have worked with andy for over 12months. I found a very helpful and informative coach. He was always checking up on me how i was feeling and how things were going on giving  me feedback. The sessions were always challenging which is what i wanted. With the results i lost over 40lbs and built lean muscle and fitness. I would highly recommend andy to anyone who wants help to transform and change their lifestyle 

Frank Watkins
I trained with andy for 4 months. He has helped me not just physically but mentally to. He helped me achieve goals with a set training routine. And training program he made me feel comfortable and was contrary pushing and motivating me with his positive aura. The results in the time we worked together were incredible i did not imagine the results in terms of how much muscle i built and fat i loss on this time. I would put him forward to anyone looking to improve themselves for the better

Debbie Jane Rutter
I met andy at a time when my passion and love for training was rapidly being lost. After years of training and same boring foods and my physique stopped progressing. With andy the training was refreshing and intense and the results and progress came thick and fast the eating was structured but with more variety. With me andy had his work cut out but he very understanding and kept pushing me. And helped me work around my shifts at work and busy life. At this time i also had health problems and a lot of stress the nutrition lifestyle and training all help with my health physically and menatlly. He always listens and doesn’t judge if your eating etc hasn’t been perfect but being honest with him is important so he can help give you coaching feedback. Training with andy was one of the biggest life changing experiences ive had and even though he is nearly an hour from me im more than happy to make the journey and highly recommend him to anyone who wants to transform themselves

Sam Buxton
I’ve trained with andy for 6months. And i highly recommend him to anyone. Wanting to change not only their body but their lifestyle. And the way they think and feel. His training is very intense and constantly pushes you to the limit. He keeps sessions fresh and keeps them changing while keeping progress towards you goal. I have known andy for years and know how much knowledge and passion he has for this and it shows with his coaching constantly checking up on you making sure you’ve done your cardio and getting your nutrition correct as well as  giving you tips and feedback. If your looking to get life changing results andy is your man 

Rob Davis
I have been coached by andy For the last 2 months. In that time my physical mental wellbeing have improved massively. And which was my main goal in that time i’ve lost 26lbs and built lean muscle which speaks for itself 

Alex Yardley
Was looking for a personal trainer to get me in shape for my upcoming wedding. And andy came up highly recommended so i booked a 12 week plan with him. Andy has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition training and mindset. And straight away sorted me a plan which suited my lifestyle and goals. He sorted everything from supplements to tasking. The training was intense and the results i got in such short period of time was Incredible and way more than anything i’ve ever got over the year. I also learnt proper technique and how to prevent injury. Andy was very accommodating and more than helpful to listen to feedback and also give it to when needed. Highly recommended  

Edward Link
I Decided to make a change for the better with my health and weight. After a meeting with Andy I decided to join his team, he sold me a vision of how he could help me get to where I want to be. So started sessions in mid September and at first hated it, never been to the gym in 33 years so wasn’t used to the physical demands it put me under, but carried on mainly because of Andy and the personal service he gives “they say people buy into people” and Andy is definitely someone who is worth buying into. Anyway got through the hard hateful first week and found as each session past it didn’t become easier it became enjoyable and found myself waiting for the clock to tick to the time I was training and couldn’t wait to get there. So now 4 months in I love Andys training he gives me combined with a diet plan and most of all the motivation he gives couldn’t reccomend highly enough, so credit where it is due and a massive thankyou from me and all my family

Jack Norgrove 
I have been having coaching sessions with andy now for over 6 months he has helped me transform my my body shape reach my goals and change my mindset. Andy provides great nutritional advice and how to keep a positive and focused mindset. He is great to get on with and pushes you through boundaries in a fun  environment i would highly recommend andy as a coach to anyone looking to improve themselves and their lifestyle

Conor Toms 
When i first start with andy i had already been at the gym for some time and had built Some fair amount of muscle mass however he immediately brought to my attention that i now needed to shred up to have the general look that everyone goes for right away he  depicted my potential to be a beast due to my height and frame. Through a short 8 week period i had lost 5 inches around my waist and was already feeling a lot more fitter and agile than i was before and people have noticed. The difference in my appearance that i looked bigger and i was a lot more defined and less bloated looking i’d highly recommend being trained by this guy and very easy to get along with. Not only is his knowledge and wisdom very high and very easy to get along with. If your ever looking to get in shape and change your mindset and lifestyle hit him up.

Kieron Warren
Andy has helped me through difficult times both past and present. And each time he has bought the best out in me. Both menltally and physically. I’ve had many different pts in the past but none compare to what andy has done for me. I have had hypnotherapy nlp coaching and crystal healing which have hugly transformed. My outlook attitude, mindset and emotional wellbeing has drastically changed. Physically i have changed hughley losing four stone previous  and now three stone (march 2020-july -2020 while building lean muscle And my strength and fitness levels have improved massively. And am constantly improving weekly

Jono Childs
I’ve trained with a few pts over the years,Andy is by far the best his knowledge is wide on training and nutrition, he really lives the life and puts time into research to keep moving forward,I’m terms of results I’ve had huge changes to my physique in muscle mass while keeping lean while improving fitness levels and strength including 170kg bench and a  180×2 squat with legs i have have always struggled  his sessions are varied but still with structure to your goals. Tbh can’t say enough good,positive guy to have around you,highly  recommend

Freya Tyson
During my time coaching with andy i have felt a lot more confident in myself. Not only am I physically stronger but mentally stronger and he has given me the confidence to believe in myself as he keeps pushing me to my goals! Having trained with him for 4months i have already lost 7 inches off my waist. Andy is very easy going and we get along well and this makes the sessions fly by and enjoyable. He always gives you feedback and advice on things such as tasks and nutrition. To help me benefit to the fullest. ‘Alongside my personal training with Andy, I have also had hypnotherapy and timeline therapy from him. I decided to do this to help me mentally and physically as I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. Andy made me feel very at ease during the hypnotherapy and it has made me feel stronger willed and more motivated and confident. It’s included ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ regarding foods, which is already helping my will power to divert away from ‘naughty’ foods and to help me get into a routine where I can eat and enjoy healthier foods as well as being proactive to prep meals. Andy has helped my confidence grow in the short space of time that I have been training with him. During my teen years I struggled with anorexia nervosa and I had always had a negative relationship with food but but having trained with Andy and having the hypnotherapy and having him explain to me the importance of food I feel happier to eat more as I know that if i do this will benefit even more progress health and the way I feel. 10/10 recommended

Paul Barber
I highly recommend Andy, on my personal journey he has given me a desire to train hard and push myself, I now see my personal goals being achieved. Andy has done hypnotherapy with me and after 30 years I no longer smoke at all I have been also been sober for 12 months and lead a new healthy lifestyle

Hannah Qureshi
I have been training with Andy for a few months now and I can honestly say I have never felt better about myself. He has given me so much confidence and my self esteem has never been better (which is a massive thing for me). I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I do. I will be carrying on with him for a long time to come. I highly recommend Andy, he’s very motivating, approachable and extremely passionate about what he does. I feel amazing and I am looking forward to going forward with him! I have also done NLP sessions with him and they have helped massively! All in all, an amazing change to my life!

Jessica Tracey
I started training with Andy last year. Since beginning I have lost around 30lbs in weight by participating in training in the gym where Andy provides exceptional support and pushes you through. Along with training focusing on diet, Andy provided me with meal plans incorporating various nutritional facts including explaining the way the body metabolises which has been fundamentally useful. Recently I had the opportunity to participate is NLP along with time line therapy. I found this enlightening and has helped me to keep on track. I can’t recommend Andy enough as a PT and the variety of options he offers. Always supporting you through your journey. Thank you! His PT sessions, hypnosis and coaching all highly recommended!

Ash Bithell
I was recommended andy by a close friend who has previously used him finding a pt who can work around my busy lifestyle and work life andy was very motivating and understanding to my situation and he helped my through a breakup of a 16 year old relationship he always keeps workouts intense and mixed things up our training sessions have massivley improved my physique and performance for my rugby which i play at a high level. I still use andy to this day i highly recommend him to anyone

Harriet Tandy
Since I started personal training and mindset coaching  with Andy I feel like a different person in so many ways. I’ve lost over a stone in just 7 weeks after struggling with my weight and a fear of the gym all my life while also Improving my fitness and strength levels massively to anyone. And through time line therapy and hypnotherapy have solved some long-term issues and made me a lot less anxious and stressed. He’s enabled me to get rid of a lot of negative emotions, giving me so much more direction in life, and the confidence that I can and will achieve everything I want to. Thank you, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to have a happier, more positive life.

Ella Tarnwoksi
I started training with andy to lose weight and tone up. I was a bit nervous about having a trainer i hadn’t done any real training with a trainer before my only experience was minimal fads on my own. Andy made me feel comfortable from day 1 and the workouts are tailor made to your ability. I have made great progress and andy has pushed me and my strength and fitness levels have increased massively and i have constantly breaking personal best i have toned up and continue to progress and i always ache for days after. Andy is very informative with nutrition to and his plans are very easy to follow and stick to. The sessions have helped massively with day to day life so my daughter is disabled and requires a lot of lifting day to day this has helped tremendously for day to day life. I highly recommend andy to anyone. He really has a passion for what he does. 

Sam Beasley
Andy helped me reach me goals which i thought were unobtainable he is always there help and knew exactly  how to help through the sessions where i didnt think i could do it. He fits the diet and training around my life and allows for the odd cheat meal around my social life and friends. I would highly recommend working with andy and reaping the Rewards

Matthew Slough
I began training with Andy during a particularly difficult time in my life. I’d always wanted to get fitter/stronger and incorporate a proper structured training routine into my life and so I got in touch with him and began work. I found that Andy was not only flexible regarding when I could train but also helped me with nutrition and motivation as well as going above and beyond to help me progress both mentally and physically. Within a few months I have seen drastic changes in my body as well as feeling mentally stronger both of which I put down massively to Andy and my training sessions with him. He has a unique ability to get into my head and help me straighten things out as well as being at expert in helping me transform my physique. I would recommend Andy to anyone who is committed to making changes to themselves, his structured well thought out programs will help you make a real difference to your life.

Max Carrington
Andy helped me with more than just my physical training. I learnt more about thought processes and how they relate to eating and aspects of my life and most importantly, he taught me ways to change these processes. In short, Andy’s work made me both physically and mentally stronger and I would highly recommend

Alice Coley 
Working with andy in just under 2 months. My body has changed so much and mentally its the best i’ve ever felt/ I can honestly say its the best experience i’ve ever had. All thanks to you i cant really thank you enough. Andy has really helped me find my potential. And not just with the physical side of things but my mind. And change my outlook on life and build a confident new me and positive lifestyle

David Khalsa (MMA Fighter)
I have sued andy as my coach for the last two year for my fights with training and nutrition plans his plans have given me the right amount of food for energy performance and to make my giht weight. His training his extremely highly intense and has given me great results. Andy is very motivating and kept me focused and positive towards my goals !!

Charlotte Cleveley
Working with andy the past 6 months and it has been great. Andy is very supportive and encouraging in all aspect of wellbeing. Sessions are always hard work but there’s always a element of fun and the sessions are always kept fresh which keeps me motivated. Aswell as my body hugely changing my strength and fitness has increased hugel. Andy installed confidence and belief in me and helped me achieve results i did not believe i could achieve 

Daz Smith
Starting working with andy 4 months ago when i approached andy i had no confidence and low self esteem andy helped boost my confidence and get me focused. He set up everything for me to do with tasking nutrition and training and in 4 months ive lost 4 stone my confidence and the way i feel is better than ever. I see andy not just as a coach but as a friend  if you want to change the way you look and feel i highly recommend you get in touch with him

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