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NLP Master Practitioner & Timeline Therapy Hypnosis Coach

NLP is a way to change the way you think and see thing. It makes changes at a root level by tapping into the subconscious mind can release negative emotions and limiting beliefs using proven techniques, such as timeline therapy and hypnosis. This also helps with things such as food cravings, techniques to keep your mood positive and stay focus in stressful situations
  • build confidence

  • clear negative emotions such as sadness/anger/fear/hurt/guilt

  • anxiety/depression

  • stop cravings/bad eating habits habits

  • phobias

  • limiting beliefs

  • increase confidence and mood levels

  • improve your relationships

  • techniques to handle stressful situations

  • build a healthier lifestyle

  • achieve your goals

NLP Mindset Coaching Packages

Our package includes:
  • one to one detailed personality and lifestyle information gathering

  • getting to the root cause of problems

  • daily tasking and goal setting leading to new habits and lifestyle

  • clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back from being the person you want to be

  • learn techniques to use in stressful situations

  • using techniques such as hypnosis and timeline therapy to make long lasting changes at a subconscious level

  • stop limiting decisions/beliefs

  • beat depression and anxiety

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