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Depression and anxiety
A lot of things can cause depression and anxiety
One of the ways
Is the way you think
So putting things basically
Your thoughts can control how you feel good or bad
And then the Neurotransmitters released such as dopamine and serotonin affect every cell in the body
This affects the way you feel
The secret is to break your old patterns of thinking
Same goes with anxiety your thoughts can cause it
For example
Your lying in bed and You imagine being In danger/a stressful situation iegetting chased by a bear your brain and body doesn’t know the difference between
This has the same physiological response as it really happening
Releasing stress hormones adrenaline
And cortisol these in small doses are fine but when chronically elevated
Always remember the body and mind are connected so keeping both in peak state can help with your mood and stress levels
depression and Anxiety can also be affected by diet
Some tips for depression and anxiety
To much sugar can cause constant crashes through the day releasing. Cortisol when it goes low
Keep blood sugar stable with a high protein high fibre and complex carbs can help massively
avoid excess stimulants and alcohol which can affect the nervous system
keep gut health in check the stomach is directly linked to the brain and your mood
keep omega 3 levels high omega 3 is the main nutrient that makes up the brain
And affects neurotransmitters
get sunlight everyday
take high doses of vitamin c magnesium and b complex to help control stress levels
Cut out processed foods and eat more raw and natural foods
A good way to control anxiety is to focus on deep slow breaths this focuses your awareness on the present moment and stops you worrying about the future
Have a good morning ritual of exercise the stretching and meditation can put the body in a peak state for the day
Be an observer of your thoughts don’t believe everything youthingd as true and you can change your old thought patterns
A great NLP technique which can be used
Ok stressful situations is a anchor which involves anchoring positive emotional states to a part of your body (useually your knuckle) which can which you can use anytime to release the neurotransmitters when needed
Also timeline therapy can be used to go back and release negative emotions such as depression,sadness etc which can affect your mood
Inbox me if you want coaching to help you look think and feel your best and reach your goals


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